Beware of Happiness Haters

“Successful people link up, they don’t squash each other”

Have you ever noticed that the better you are doing, the more adversity you face? Last week, one of my events included going to Dallas Market to meet with a company that I’m proud to represent, Union of Angels. While there Cynthia Bapst the designer and owner, made a comment that stood out to me. She said “I don’t care if I’m at the top or at the bottom, I’ve been in both positions and I’ve always been the person that is happy to see others doing well.” In this day and age, that is difficult to find. Like Cindy, I’ve always been this person as well. I’ve been put in several positions to see my friends succeed or achieve a new accolade and I’ve watched as those around them begin making excuses to grow distant from them. Although discouraging, I’ve always promised myself that I would never become that person. I would never become a happiness hater.

By definition a hater is:


-A person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.

-A negative or critical person.

I don’t know about you, but I never want to be classified as that person. I’ve learned that by not hating on someone else for being successful and happy, you rid yourself of any concern and focus on bettering yourself. The best thing you can do is use others success as motivation.

I have nothing to complain about, life has been good to me and with hard work I have been able to achieve everything I have wanted. With that territory comes a lot of rejection from people that I considered friends. When you reach a certain level at any age, you’ll realize that people start to question you as a person, without considering the several things you have done for them in the past. Suddenly, all the times you helped them financially, motivated them during their low points and congratulated them during their high points becomes completely irrelevant and you’re stuck…Often stuck trying to make them feel better and compensate for their loss of confidence. DON’T DO THAT! A good friend would never try to make you feel sorry for them because you’re doing well. A good friend will celebrate you as a person and never make you question your achievements. A good friend will use your success story as motivation to create his or her own success story. Most importantly, a good person that wants more out of life will recognize your hard work and dedication and want to surround himself or herself with other goal driven individuals, like you.

In today’s society, people are afraid to be powerful and successful. Maybe it is because they don’t want the pressure of being different or the responsibility of being a winner, but being different is what makes you successful and a winner. Several CEO’s and influential individuals have several associates but very few friends. Why? Selfish people cannot handle not being the most important person in the group! Let me let you in on a little secret, in some group…somewhere, you will be the most important person in that group. Every person has a place where they belong, but don’t sacrifice relationships and friendships because you’re on different level of the “success” totem pole. Each step on the ladder of success is another step towards your end goal, don’t let the happiness haters on the steps below you dictate your future.

Work hard because the end goal is worth it and once you find other people that belong in your tribe, that celebrate who you are and likewise, your happiness will reflect in theirs. If you see someone that has the great relationship or great job, share his or her happiness…all it does is motivate you, promote good karma and makes you less selfish in the long run. The world needs more of that. The world needs more people with a fiery passion that exuberate happiness within their life and others. If we focus more on promoting happiness and success, it will encourage more people to work towards having both of those things.

NEVER be afraid to celebrate your accomplishments, you worked for them. NEVER apologize for being a goal digger, always reach for more. NEVER make someone feel selfish because they achieved something, your breakthrough is coming. Stay positive and be someone worth looking up to, the world needs more of that and less happiness haters.


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