The World Owes Us Nothing


“Successful people have gratitude, unsuccessful people have a sense of entitlement.”

I’m assuming several of you watched the halftime show during the Super Bowl, when Beyoncé performed in the standard uniform for a Black Panther member.

As someone that used to be a Beyoncé fan, I was disappointed that someone with so much influence would use it to promote dividing our country more. In case you haven’t noticed, our country is more divided than it has been in decades. Why? Because our generation believes that the world owes them something while contributing nothing to society. We are entitled, greedy and weak. News flash, the world does not owe you ANYTHING. Like Beyoncé, our generation believes they can do whatever they want without facing the consequences. I’ve noticed how we now expect everything to be handed to us. We are lazy!

I’m tired of the lazy youth generation and I’m tired of the older generations believing that we will not offer anything to the future of the country. Politicians are telling us that they will give us free college education and that because we are women, we’re entitled to use that card anytime someone looks down on us. That is so pathetic. Lets start working more, so that we deserve the good things that happen to us, rather than thinking everything will just be handed to us. As someone that worked her butt off to get into Sam Houston State University and graduate in four years, paying for my own college tuition and working all throughout college, I’m disappointed that they want to allow people to attend college for free, when several of my peers and I, did whatever it took to ensure we received a quality education. Nothing in life is free, that is a lesson that most of us cannot seem to grasp. Also, I want to point out that today’s national debt is $19, 031, 767,267,000 and by paying for everyone to have free college, we would far exceed that already drastic number. I wish certain people would stop thinking that they all deserve free college because they graced the world with their presence. I promise that if we work extremely hard, we could pay for our own education and feel good about our accomplishment.

Speaking of education, our generation seems to believe that because we are male, female, black, or white, we should be treated better than those who are different from us. Growing up, my parents taught us to look past someone’s skin color and value the person’s character. I was reminded of this the other day when I watched the movie, Woodlawn. The story is of a black high school student that excelled on the football field in racist Alabama; however, the coolest part of this was that he was a better person off the field. He took all the hate that surrounded him and turned toward God, who brought opposing people together with the common goal of giving God the glory. I often wish that society could follow this example and drop the double standards. Drop the racism towards any race. You might be black and I might be white, but guess what? We are all human and were all Americans, so we’re not that different after all. The world owes me nothing and likewise for you.

If anything, we owe the world our effort. We don’t grow up believing we are better because our sex or skin color, we are taught that. Society is evolving, why are we moving back in time and why are we pulling the race card or the sex card? We might not like a lot of things that are happening around us but we have the chance to make it better, we can make a difference.

Let’s stop burning down buildings, rioting, judging and showing disrespect to our military and law enforcement. Let’s instead beat the system by coming together, when the world is telling us that we should stay a part. Each of us were created to bring something new to the world that has never been experienced, what is your legacy going to be? After all, we’re all trying so hard to stand out that we are starting to blend in.

I don’t care who you are, what you are, what color you are or why you were treated badly…I care about what you’re going to do to change it? We’ve proved that killing people is not the answer and does not bring about change, I think we should try positivity for once. I think people should stop saying they hate cops but demanding cops protect them. I think we should come together and bring about change. I’m not talking about some political agenda; I’m talking about being the change we wish to see in the world.

Spread love and stop promoting so much hate. Who cares if you are in two different organizations, if you have won several awards or if you’re a celebrity? The sad truth is, the world goes on with or without you. My final question is, are you going to hold the world back or make it stronger?

Be proactive, be unstoppable and be the person that you needed when you were younger. BE YOU!

Break Records,
A. Bloomer

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